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[REQUEST] – Update Needed, “Real Time” Used For CloudWatch Logs Resolution

Great Video! Recapping some old lessons and found this statement.

Within the video it is stated CloudWatch logs are delivered in real time. However, this statement is false. 5 minute default resolution and 1 minute detailed resolution is not realtime.

For applications which are real time such as Video Streaming which rely on logs being delivered in near millisecond latency and accuracy, CloudWatch as it stands today is not a viable solution for metric gathering from the AWS service as the metric delivery resolution isn’t high enough. The Service itself might have updated data and new state of things immediately, however the delivery of logs to CloudWatch happens after.

Even when sending metrics manually the delivery bus is not real time.

The video should not use the term "real time" and instead speak to the resolution of default and detailed log delivery. Not sure if it would matter on the exam, however, professionally speaking this would matter.

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