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Read/Write Events Set to None?

When creating a trail in CloudTrail, what’s the point of configuring the Read/Write events setting to None?

2 Answers

Management events, for Read/Write events, choose if you want your trail to log: All, Read-only, Write-only, or None. By default, trails log all management events.

None-  simply means you don’t want log any Management R/W Events. 

Marty Hill

Thanks for the response. Yeah, I understand what the setting does. My question is why would you want to set it to None?

This is useful if you only want to log Data Events (S3 and Lambda) and get rid of all Management Events, in order to keep your trail clean.

If you choose the "None" option for Read/Write events in the Management Event section, you must then configure at least one Data Event to be able to create your trail.

Marty Hill

Thank you Emmanuel.

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