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Re: Policy size limits

Hello Ryan,

Just a little bit of nitpicking on the size limits you have listed in the S3 Bucket Policies video 😉

For IAM inline policies, you have 2 kb, 5 kb and 10 kb for users, groups and roles respectively. However, the docs list those limits as 1,024; 5,120; and 10,240 characters. PS> these numbers are in the aggregate (you can have as many inline policies as you want) and whitespace doesn’t count against the totals.

Assuming a character = a byte, then your values should be 2 kB, 5 kB and 10 kB. But only approximately. Because now we get into debates about whether a kilobyte is 1000 or 1024 bytes!

OTOH, S3 bucket policy docs simply state 20 KB.


— Khalid

Marcel Grossert

The course slide does also not clearly mentioned that we refer to bucket POLICY size limit 😉

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