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presigned and signed URL?

From what I learned, pre-signed URLs are used to give access to s3 objects for anyone. They dont need to be part of the AWS group, no bucket/IAM policies are required. Classic use cases are to give access to private content to only subscribed users(videos and ebooks ..etc). But I dont understand what is signed URL?. Are they same or any difference?. Thank you

1 Answers

Presigned URLs:

Presigned URLs are used to give others access to your S3 objects: 

A presigned URL gives access to the object identified in the URL, provided that the creator of the presigned URL has permissions to access that object. Anyone who receives the presigned URL can then access the object. For example, if you have a video in your bucket and both the bucket and the object are private, you can share the video with others by generating a presigned URL.


Signed URLs:

If you are using CloudFront however, you can restrict access to your content to only allow people to access your website using the CloudFront URL, by forcing them to use signed URLs: 

Many companies that distribute content over the internet want to restrict access to documents, business data, media streams, or content that is intended for selected users, for example, users who have paid a fee. To securely serve this private content by using CloudFront, you can do the following:

Require that your users access your private content by using special CloudFront signed URLs or signed cookies.

Require that your users access your Amazon S3 content by using CloudFront URLs, not Amazon S3 URLs. 


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