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Practice test

Has anyone used the AWS paid Practice test and new Whizlabs practice tests (released last week) as preparation for the Security Specialty exam. If so with what results? I just took the AWS paid Practice test and scored a 75%, not sure if that’s an indication of how I would do on the actual exam. Thanks!


Whizlabs tests are worth only for Associate exams. Recently i bought for BigData speciality and after writing exam whizlabs questions are not up to mark. Bu they can help you to evaluate your knowledge

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Thanks for the tip on whizlabs. Great diagnostic tool to prep for the exam.


Also, the whizlab free exam has some of the same questions as the AWS PSI practice exam. Just fewer multi choice multi-selection questions. Plus they actually provide a deep analysis for each answer/option in the test results.

Interesting, I took the AWS paid practice exam and I got a 38%.  I went on line to certmetrics to get my official score and it said “Passed” – hard to make out if I really bombed this thing or what


I agree. I had the same experience.

I bought the AWS Practice test using my free coupon from the previous exam. The exam was short, about 30 minutes. The only feed-back I received was the percentage in each domain I got right. I would not buy use the AWS test again as it is not useful to me to understand what questions I got wrong.

Rosh Ratnayake

well dome AWS, &&#$

I’m doing the Whizlabs practice tests for security specialty now, August 2020. The test are useful, but mostly because around 10% of the answers are wrong and I learn a lot researching and trying things out myself to prove to myself they’re wrong. Another 10 – 20% of the questions are really poorly worded and ambiguous. I’m getting 70% – 80% in the Whizlabs practice tests, it’ll be interesting to see how I go with the real test when I get around to booking it.


How did you get on?

Wilson Mcintyre

I agree, Whizlabs has a crap content. That 10% wrong answer and 10-20% poorly worded questions will cause you to fail the actual exam.

I agree with TomW. I actually have WhizLabs practice tests before so I can share some insight about it. First, they deliberately copied the official AWS practice tests then place it on their own practice tests, as if they own it. I found this out since I also bought the official test and saw the duplicates. They also use the official AWS sample tests. The explanation part is lacking and same goes with their support forum. 

Instead, I recommend using tutorials Dojo practice tests. I like their explanations and the links to aws docs. They are also active in their discussion board. Sharing my recent exam feedback: 



Wilson, thank you very much for your comments. I was researching WhizLabs, but I could not find any reviews. I have used Udemy and Jon Bonso’s practice exam with great results. I can’t seem to find quality practice tests for the AWS Specialty Exams on Udemy.

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