Certified Security - Specialty

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Passed the Security – Specialty exam yesterday.

I read every white paper I could find and did some of the AWS on line videos, but the A Cloud Guru course was 90% of my prep. I went through the whole course once, the summaries twice, the VPC section twice; and took two practice exams. I was cussing y’all out the whole time I was taking the test, convinced that I new nothing, but evidently I did! Thanks!

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I am reviewing all and I pretende to book the exam in few weeks

Did you take any of professional (Architect or DevOps)? if yes, you consider more difficult than Security specialty ?


No, I didn’t. Sorry I can’t help.

Congratulations Don. That is great news. What was your score?

Nicely done, that’s a great outcome! That feeling is so relatable when you go into a test stressing that you have zero clues or chance of passing, then come out the other side realizing "Oh wow, I guess I know the thing after all". That’s great that you found our content to be so helpful with the process!

Well done, and best of luck with the next step on your cloud journey!

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