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Passed the Security Specialty Exam

Hello all,

I am pleased to announce I passed the SCS-C01 exam this morning. I don’t know my score yet (and probably couldn’t care less at this time 🙂 ).

I’ve written a quick post on Medium capturing my journey and observations of the test. Hoping it’ll be useful to others taking this course.


Medium Link: https://medium.com/@cbchhaya/aws-certified-security-specialty-scs-c01-4b8a62d3c680

Tom Kringstad

Congratulations, and nice writeup. Thank you.

2 Answers

Congrats, that’s a brilliant outcome to pass an especially hard exam! That’s a really great write-up too, and hopefully will be useful to other students who sit their AWS Certified Security – Specialty exam. Your end-to-end exercise is a really great idea too, and covers so much of the necessary knowledge for someone looking to pass this certification.

Best of luck with what comes next on your cloud journey

Congratulations Chiradeep,

I aslo passed my AWS Certified Security- Specialty exam on Saturday with a 970/1000, within 10 days of practicing I did not have any real AWS experience before starting but had a 5yr+ career in Information technology. Get Familiar with the Subject Areas. When you are preparing for an exam, subject area for the exam becomes the most important thing that you must understand. Objectives of AWS certification is very important review them carefully, and then start your preparation through the Valid study material to know the complexity of each subject area.

How I prepared:

Actually, read all the whitepapers on the exam outline from AWS on this Cert.

Take all AWS Tutorials and Courses.

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Read the Valid AWS Certified Security- Specialty exam study guide (60%) Practice valid exam practice questions. Most of questions are matched.

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At the end one thing more I want to say, reading AWS Certified Security- Specialty Exam community reviews and discussions regarding exam experience of different candidates will be helpful.

Good luck 🙂

Gaurav Verma

Did you see any questions related to Transit GW, Security Hub and how many for Certificate manager?

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