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Passed the Security Specialty 9/30/19

So i passed the exam yesterday, got my score this morning. 831. Not fantastic, but given the exam, i’ll take it.

One thing missing from the exam – containers. They specifically had 2-3 questions regarding ECS, some regarding malicious container, how to isolate and some regarding management.

Thanks Ryan/Faye and team, your course, in addition to Linux Academy and the aws.training docs really helped me a lot.

John Wright

Which resource did you use on Linux Academy? The course material or practice tests?

1 Answers

Congratulations, nicely done! It’s great that you were successful in passing the certification exam, and your feedback is great to have. We’ve heard that they’ve covering ECS in the exam, so we’ll keep track of this and look at the need to add additional content to the course for this.

Best of luck with the next step on your certification journey!

John Wright

Hi Stephen. Whilst ACG looks at adding this to the course, do you have any pointers for ECS security material?

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