Certified Security - Specialty

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Passed the Security Speciality Exam

This was the toughest AWS Certification Exam I have taken yet, and I do not know my score, but I did pass. The ACG course gets you 65% of the way there I would say. All of the topics in the course are covered, but you do have to dive deeper to prepare. I don’t think I got any questions for services not covered in the course. I have seen where others got questions about Control Tower, Service Catalog and Detective. I did not. 

This was also the trickiest exam I have taken, by far. I had to use process of elimination to pick answers in a lot of cases, and I had to re-read a lot of the questions several times. I obviously don’t know my score yet, and I am not confident that it was a high score. But, I did pass, and that’s the main thing.

Rosh Ratnayake

how long did you study till you sad the exam? Congratulation, yeah, i am finding studying for this really difficult


From the time I started the SCG course to the passing the exam was exactly 52 days. I ended up with an 891 score.

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Congratulations and happy new year! I also passed this exam a few months ago and i agree that using ACG video course is not enough, although it provides you a good background. You have to do several hands-on using the ACG playcloud or on your own AWS account. Doing practice tests also helped me.

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