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Passed the Security Speciality exam

I passed the security speciality exam with a 94% score earlier this week. I felt that the course and the links to reInvent videos had given me solid ground for passing the exam. The exam simulator was a really great resource to use as well.

I got some question relating to topics/services that I’m not sure are covered by the course. These topics were:

  • EMR

  • Egress Only Internet Gateway

  • Importing certificate into ACM

  • ACM private CA


Congrats Lars! I was curious if you work in AWS or mainly used this resource to help you pass the exam? I work with AWS but this is my first year using it so a lot is still new to me. Thanks!

Lars Nohle

I used a lot of AWS services in my work, but I would say that this course was what helped me pass the exam. My opinion is that you don’t learn all the details needed to pass the exam at work (at least that is how it works for me), so you need a course to help you learn those details.

2 Answers

Congratulations Lars, and thanks for the feedback 🙂

Lars Nohle

Thanks Hotspur!

Congratulations! What a great score, well done!

Lars Nohle

Thanks Faye!

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