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Passed the exam today 1 March 2019

Passed the exam today. Have similar experience as all the other people that took the exam recently.

The questions on Macie and Athena wasn’t that in-depth for me. More when to use it.

A lot of troubleshooting questions on Cloudwatch and CloudTrail

Troubleshooting why EC2 instances wasn’t logging to Cloudwatch

SES port question as all the others

Limit S3 access to only Cloudfront

Some questions on certificates in Cloudfront and ALB

Some forensic and incident response questions

Many KMS questions, not as in depth as I though it would be from reading other peoples feedback.

Only one questions on Organizations.

I found the best way of learning was to use the GUI/CLI and setup and configure all the services according to AWS guides. Have 20 years experience in the security field and 2y with AWS. Took the Architect Associate exam last year.

Alec Whitehouse

Congrats…but 20 years experience in security? Well done!


Thanks, guess I’m getting old 🙂


Got the result today: Candidate Score: 819

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Well done Jonas! Really pleased to hear that you passed! Great advice for anyone studying right now, 

thanks for coming back to let us all know,


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