Certified Security - Specialty

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Passed Security – Specialty today

Just passed Security – Specialty Exam

65 questions, 170 mn

I don’t have my score yet. Will be available like the Cloud Practitioner results to download on PSI.

There was a lot of questions about KMS (Imported material, how to rotate a key, …) IAM (bucket policies, KMS and IAM policies), Cloudwatch Logs, CloudTrail and Config. Some questions on SSM, Inspector, Compliance, client-side DynamoDB encryption, WAF linked to ALB or CloudFront for DDOS, SSL termination on ELB or EC2 instances, Federation with AD on premises.

No question about CloudHSM but this part of the course was really interesting. No question about Shield, Macie, GuardDuty. 

Some tips:

• The course is not missing a lot so listen to Ryan 🙂

• watch some re:invent videos (300 or 400). You can find a list at https://pajdzik.com/2018/02/11/my-impressions-after-taking-the-aws-certified-security-speciality-beta-exam/

I finished up with about 1 hour to spare and it was much harder than expected. I was surprised that the Practice Exam and the sample questions were really much easier than the exam . I had 95% at the Practice Exam in less than 20mn. I had sometimes some difficulties to understand the questions or the proposed responses during the exam.

Thanks Ryan for your course. It was really useful as a basis of my studies.

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I just took the practice exam and it was not easy, I kind of wondering what score did you get in the real one, as you got 95 in the practice.


I had 970/1000. To be honest, I am a little surprised by this score. I was expecting 800-850. I think that, due to my english level, I was not totally sure of some answers I choosed. But all went well at the end.


Congratulations 🙂 Very well done

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