Certified Security - Specialty

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Passed Security Specialty 2/23/2020

I passed Security Specialty on 2/23/2020. For security specialty you need 750/1000 to pass. I scored a little bit above the line. (I might just be lucky)

I took 1 and half week to prepare the exam. The material I used is ACG course, ACG exam, WhizeLabs exam. I did not pass the ACG exam, I remembered I scored around 69% for that one. And for Whizelabs exam, I passed 1 one them. For the rest exams, I score little below 70%.

ACG covered 98% topics. 

Exam weight heavily on KMS CMK rotation, Cross-account access. Some ADFS. I have 60 minutes left for the exam. 

Sorry I am not good at memorize stuff. But ACG covered all.

My study strategies are making notes for everything. I made notes for ACG courses, and for the questions I missed in the practice exams. Before the exam day, I just review those notes and I am ready to go.

Thank you ACG

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