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Passed Security

Passed the security test today.  This course did a nice job preparing and I seem to not have to watch as many of the reinvent videos as I did with some of the other exams.  I think it helped a lot that it was my last exam to to take because all the certs dig into security and I felt this was a review with the addition of KMS.  

I felt like this test had a lot of tricky item distractors.  The questions seemed more like puzzles than some of the other exams. I changed my responses a few times after going back and reading the question closer.  

The forum mentions of the topics on the test were very helpful and right on.  On tip is I was surprised by a Cognito user pool question .It was not too challenging but I did not study it for this exam.  Luckily I knew if from a previous exam.   I felt this was the easiest exam of the three specialty tests.  The networking exam is by far a tougher study.  

Thanks to Ryan and the folks on the forums.



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Did you use any other supplementary study guides or sources? Tomorrow will be my 3rd attempt at this. I find the language to be the most challenging part of the exam, very exhausting to read. I’ve been pouring over the whitepapers and docs this time. Also taking extensive notes that correlate with the Domains of the exam.


I used only this course, one reinvent video on containers and several docs. The main ones are noted below.


I recommend that you bookmark every question you are not positive on in the test. Even if it is 80% of the questions. Go back and reread them and look for the question buzz words that target the need. I probably bookmarked 25 or more questions and spend 45 minutes of the remaining time reviewing each one. I have one test tip for you. Kinesis provides ordering of records, as well as the ability to read and/or replay records in the same order to multiple Amazon Kinesis Applications. Good luck go in well rested and when doubt bookmark and go back.

I bookmarked 27 questions. Used the full 3 hours. Still failed, scored a 730. Pretty darn discouraging, but on the bright side I’m learning a lot. I feel like the multiple answer questions is what is causing me so much grief. That and their terrible wording of the answers/questions. Definitely glad I read the KMS ViaService link though. Was tested very heavily on Data Protection and IAM this time around. I remember a good bit of what was on my exam so I’ll go back and review and take it again. Thanks for the links


Harvey, You have the right attitude! This is about learning best practices and helping you become a better engineer. You will get the certification. Take you time. Keep studying and practicing and target a very high score. Let me know if I can help and how you do.

For me this was much tougher than the networking specialty. Lots of questions about policies and the precise parameter syntax, with four very similar looking answers. Quite a few “pick the most appropriate” type questions with two or three viable options.

I wasn’t overly pressed for time, but I think it’s key to read the question carefully and each answer even more carefully. Shades of grey for me.

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