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Passed my AWS Certification Security exam! Woo! 27/02/2020

I passed my cert exam yesterday! woo! Thanks so much for these courses CloudGuru! Don’t think I’d be able to map out what I’d need to know without them.

Some questions I got asked that weren’t covered by the course were about container security (2 questions). Pretty high level though. I also got a question or two about CloudHSM so happy I did the optional course section about it.

My advice for preparing for the exam:

  • Do all the CloudGuru lectures to get an overview of the importance of different subjects and weighting (CloudTrial, KMS, CloudWatch etc).

  • Then read the white papers that CloudGuru recommends.

  • Then read the AWS FAQs about subjects you are not sure about (I spent a lot of time reading up on KMS cause I was weakest at that).

  • Do all the quizzes at the end of the sections multiple times, until you can score 80-90% across the board.

  • Then do the practice exam here on CloudGuru. It’s not as complex as the real exam, but found the way the questions were asked mapped pretty well to how the exam went.

The final step I then did was google what other people did. There are always a couple of medium articles out there. One of the ones I read recommended I watch Re:Invent and Re:Inforce youtube videos. I watched 4-5 of them. I’d highly recommend you do this as it gave me a solid understanding about KMS and IAM. BUT! I made an effort not to watch the old videos, as these would contain out of date information.

At this point I would normally buy some of the Udemy mock exams, since they were really helpful with my AWS SAA cert exam. But I ran out of time so skipped that. I did not do any of the labs but I use AWS at work everyday so I think Im lucky in that way.

All in all I studied for 1 months for this exam, 1-2 hours a night after work.

Thanks again guys!

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That is a good achievement

Awesome! Congratulations and thanks for the great feedback!

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