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Passed Exam: July 2019

Hello Cloud Gurus!

I have just passed the Security Specialty Exam. The core of my studies was the updated ACG course. I believe course covers the exam pretty well. The Exam simulator is a super helpful as well. Make sure You go through it at least couple of times and you pass it with >90% score. Complexity of questions in the practice exam is on the similar level as the actual AWS exam.  

The actual exam is very comprehensive and covers security aspects of lot of AWS services . Make sure you know your Cloud Trail, CloudWatch (all included services), Cloud Front, AWS Config, Cognito, VPC, EC2 in addition to Security focused services as KMS, IAM, ACM, Secret Manager, Parameter Store (0 questions about HSM). What I found most beneficial for passing the exam was either day to day experience with these services or if I had none just playing with them to make sure I understand them well. 

This was my 6th AWS cert and it definitely helps to have all of the Associate Exams behind you before you take this one. I have also passed the Networking Specialty and I found it much harder than the Security one (especially the complexity of questions and amount of text in them). 

Thanks Cloud Gurus Team for the great course!


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Congratulations Lukas!!! Thanks for the feedback on your experience, I’ll feed that back into the team.



Congratulations!! Lukas

congratulations Lukas!

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