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Passed Exam July 2018

I  sat for the exam and cleared it. I would say exam is fairly difficult. 60 % of questions are scenario based.  This course does decent job by explaining you the services covered in exam.  But it is not totally sufficient to clear exam.  Along with the course you need to go through below playlist of re-invent videos.


You must know know all these extremely well – KMS, cloud watch, cloud trail, inspector, SSM, Cloudwatch Logs, read policies the JSON format and how permissions are applied, IAM, AD federations

To go deeper read at least these white papers from AWS

Security Pillar

AWS Best Practices for DDoS Resiliency

Secure Content Delivery with Amazon CloudFront

AWS Key Management Service Best Practices

Amazon Web Services: Overview of Security Processes

Security at Scale: Logging in AWS

Encrypting Data at Rest

I did use Whizlabs 3 days before going to exam. The questions in Whizlabs can help you to evaluate your understanding of the concepts but, real questions in exam are different and little difficult than ones in whizlabs.  So its up to you if 39$ spent on whizlabs is worth or not.

Deepak Kulkarni

Did you tied or know of anyone from your network used AWS Practice Exam ($40)? Is this worth to spend to reach comfortable level and can we attempt it multiple time until we reach to satisfactory level of score?

Deepak Kulkarni



Interesting on Whizlabs. I just ran through this course, and then picked up the whizlabs practice exams, and I got a 90% on the first practice test I took. It seemed too easy based on so many mentioning that the Security specialty exam is difficult. I do work with AWS on a daily basis, but still. Thank you for verifying what I was thinking, and also for the list of suggested reading.

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