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Passed AWS Security Specialty Exam on Feb 17th 2020

The test is the one of the toughest exam that i’ve ever took recently. Even though I studied for 3 months, I had to spend entire 170 minutes during the exam. I felt the actual exam is more difficult than ‘A CloudGuru exam simulator’ questions. There are more complicated snarios on actual exam; mostly focus on KMS, Cross Account Access Policy for KMS, VPC, SG&NACL setup, CloudTrail, CloudWatch, Lambda’s necessary roles (Troubleshooting snario)

My study material is aCloudGuru(watching all courses twice except for CloudHSM chapter) and LAcademy course(breifly watching/mostly do hands-on lab). After fnishing the courses, I took aCloudGruru’s exam simluator and BrainCert practice exam; I put more detail exam review and study guide on my blog, please feel free to check it out. https://infoinsecu.wordpress.com/category/aws-certification/

Also, Thank you so much A CloudGuru Team for the amazing course!!

Chris Bullock

Thank you for your info! Working on it…

2 Answers

Great work Yumi. What was your score?

Congrats on passing and what an awesome blog post, I love your mind maps!

Thanks for all the feedback!



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