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Passed – AWS Security Specialty Exam 12/31/2020

I passed the AWS Security Specialty Exam today.

To study, I used LA/A Cloud Guru courses, AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam Study Guide SCS-C01 by Jon Bonso, AWS Certified Security – Specialty: Study Guide: by Zeal Vora, and the Tutorials Dojo Practice Exams.

I thought the exam was moderately difficult.  There were many questions on:

CloudFront, WAF and ALB Integration



EC2 encryption



Organizations (SCPs)

Systems Manager

Other areas included:

RDS security

Resource Manager

Direct Connect and VPNs

VPC Endpoints

Oddly enough, there were no Cognito or AD questions on my exam.  Of course, you should study these things anyway.

I took this exam at home with PSI, which was simple to do but it would only work on my Windows computer.

I hope this helps.

Good luck and Happy New Year!

Rosh Ratnayake

Do you think reading the Books you mentioned is worthwhile to answers questions, rather than get understanding on how it services work? Also, did you find the practice exams worth it, also how long did you study till you sat the exam? thank you congratulations

Dave Sullivan

One of the books is fine to read but both are good. It’s less about understanding the services as it is applying the services properly to the scenarios in the questions. I studied on and off all last year but I worked in earnest for about 3 weeks prior. I hope this helps.

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Congratulations and thanks for sharing the tips!

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