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Passed AWS Security Speciality Exam today

Hi Ryan and Faye – I passed my Security certification today. You course really helped along the way and I have followed you recommended white papers as well as practice hands-on on AWS free account. Just an FYI below are some topics that I got in exam that I couldn’t find in your course.

1. AWS PrivateLink Endpoint.

2. AWS Security Hub.

3. Transit Gateways.

Again Thank you very much!



Thanks for the feedback, taking mine in a couple of hours!


Also just to clarify Privatelink is mentioned in Chapter 6.12. Although not in great detail like the AWS page. The other two are not mentioned. Transit is mentioned in the Associate Architect course.

Santosh Ravindran

I had some questions come up in AWS Directory Service and AWS X-Ray – perhaps a little more coverage would be good

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