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Passed AWS Security Exam

You may have remembered me posting a few weeks ago reporting that I had achieved 63% on the ACG simulator and Faye giving me words of encouragement ( thanks! ). I then went through the course again, hit the white papers, watched some reinvent vids, did some playing around on the console

Just got back from the real exam and got a PASS!!! Yay!

The exam was fairly easy, no real suprises in there. Maybe around 15 questions I flagged for serious review. When I was happy with everything had about 30 mins remaining.

Lots of KMS and encryption, VPC, cross account. Any Macie, guard duty, athena stuff was simple. In total probably around 3 questions I had no clue about, 10 questions that I was not mega sure that I had correct.

Thanks again ACG!!!

(One annoying thing is that the practice exam is now free but I paid 30 quid for it last week 🙁 )


Well Done JLon1

Faye Ellis

Great work congrats on passing!!

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Congrats JLon1 ! Great Job

Can you share your preparation strategy like which whitepapers were helpful and which reinvent videos you refereed to

Also which topics to focus on

Hadi W

I passed it too this past weekend. I had alot of KMS, Cloudwatch, Cloudtrail, IAM, and S3 questions. I also had questions related to EC2 and SSM along with how to set up AD with Amazon.

Congratulations Hadi W ! Thanks for the Link i will go through this

JLon1, firstly a HUGE Congrats! 

It really is good to know we helped a little along your journey! And this feedback is great, it helps us understand if we are meeting the needs of students and if there is anything we can improve on. 

Awesome work on the study and not being dissuaded by your first result, you should be super proud! 

Keep being awesome! and looking forward to reading what you get up to next!

Kind regards, 


thanks everyone. I would say dont stress about which papers or which reinvent videos to watch. Make sure you understand everything in the ACG course ( I mean understand, dont just try and remember stuff ), use white papers and faqs to help answer any questions in practice exams you dont do well in. For example if ID federation is confusing you, watch a couple of reinvent vids on it, look at documentation. Do the course, put some extra work in and its fine, make sure you understand the topics, play with the console, dont gloss over anything. There is no special magic or silver bullet. Good Luck!

I would imagine the people who fail are people who have used AWS a lot and go into the exam a bit over confident without preping for the security exam enough.

Thanks JLon1 for your valuable inputs 

Wanted to check which Practice Exams you used as there are not many options for Security Specialist exam

For anyone looking for more test questions, there’s a free to use practice exam, with 24 questions, including answers and explanations!


I also recently discovered some videos of the Certification Quiz Show held at this year’s Sydney Summit – they go through a few sample questions and give good explanations:




Good luck everyone!

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