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Good Morning Ryan and Faye – I passed my Security certification yesterday. I really dont have any work experience with AWS however your course really helped me a lot. I did go thru white papers and did practice hands on using aws free account. I can understand this is a vast topic and it is practically impossible to cover every thing in a 14 hr course but your course gave me a very good foundation which helped me understand other topics when i read thru AWS documentation..

Just FYI some topic that I saw in exam that I did not see in your course.

1. AWS PrivateLink Endpoint.

2. AWS Security Hub

Again thanks a lot…


1 Answers

Congrats Vijay! Did you use any other course and practice exam?

Vijay Panchal

No I used ACloudGure course only. However I did buy a practice test from Udemy.

Fatima Aboubkr

Congratulations Vijay. Would you please share the URL for the test practice test you got from Udemy. They have so many and I’m not sure which one is good. Thanks in advance

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