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Now you can choose the CMK used by ebs

When you are launching an AMI with encrypted volumes or when you are deploying a volume from an unencrypted volume, you can choose to use an encrupted volume and you can choose whick CMK you want to use. This is not reflected in the video

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Yes this is a great change that has been made at the start of last year that is very helpful getting your instances into an encrypted state without all the extra steps you used to have to do.  It is still important to know how to do it the old way by using an ami as this is useful for encrypting existing volumes. Also some things like auto scaling groups dont have this new option and you have to manually create an encrypted ami to use as the image for your ASG to get full encryption. I’ve seen other posts here pointing out this change as already. Hopefully they will change the video at some point and the exams may start reflecting the change at some point but it can take a while for changes to flow through.

Thanks, I’ve made a note of this to update the video!

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