Certified Security - Specialty

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Nov 2019: Passed AWS Security Speciality

I passed the AWS Security Specialty exam on Friday.  The course here helped a lot and I had already completed the Linux Academy one which was also very helpful. 

If you are thinking of taking the exam soon, I would strongly recommend you read the KMS best practices and DDoS White papers. Read them and take notes. Understand the use cases, etc. Do not take the exam without reading the white papers. Read the KMS FAQ too. 


Thank for sharing.


thanks for sharing, did you try Acloud exam and what were you average also Linux academy?


Thanks for sharing. Just curious, did you find the vocabulary used in the questions and answers to be hiding the names of AWS services? For example, instead of saying create a cloudtrail, did the answer reference enabling api logging?


@pwarui I passed the linux academy final practice exam twice but I also spent 30+ hours watching their content for the class. After finishing their class, I came to acloud guru and took their exam and failed it 🙁 and then used the failed areas to study more.


@Ahoughro, the AWS exam questions were tricky. You do have to read the questions carefully though and pick up the clues as you go. Acloud guru has a class/video on how to take aws exams. I would recommend you watch that.


@ed.cloud.guru, I had a similar experience started with Linux academy all videos got 80’s on their exam but on Guru i got around 60’s even after doing all video and topic quiz so i was not sure what to think. but not am getting 90s feels much better. I am planning to sit for the exam in a week


I passed the exam thanks for your feedback

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Congratulations on passing your exam, well done! The AWS Certified Security – Specialty is one of the harder certifications AWS has to offer, and passing it is a great achievement. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and tips with other students too!

Best of luck with the next step on your cloud journey!

Awesome! Congrats on passing and thanks a lot for your feedback!

Thank you for the tip !!!

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