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No Question but update – AWS certified Security Beta exam results are out

AWS certified Security Beta exam results are out . Its updated on AWS certification portal however no emails as of today

Bernd Nordhausen

It also listed now as an official specialty certification: https://aws.amazon.com/certification/certified-security-specialty/


Its listed as an exam on the psi site but no available timeslots yet, for those who didn’t sit the beta. Well at least in Melbourne.

15 Answers

woho! passed!

And another pass 🙂

I’d like to say thanks to everyone who added their updates/thoughts as we went through the beta period – definitely made the process a bit more straightforward

Also passed according to the portal. No e-mail yet and no granular grading. It was a fun exam.


Congrats, happy to say that I passed as well! Look at previous exams and you can get a score report. Not as granular as the other exams, but it’ll give you a bit more feedback.

Wuming Zhang

the score is available in the portal now..


how long does it take to get the results for the beta exam? in one video ryan said up to three months.

Passed as well

Thanks @Ryan kroonenburg. Passed the exam, Definitely your last minute updates really helped.

ken henderson

I didn’t pass the exam, but plan on taking it again soon. Ryan I see you’ve added some additional information to your course, so I will go through it again hopefully will pass the next time. Congrats to everyone who did pass.

Did anyone get an score in the passing?


Yes, you should be able to find a score report. It is not a percent. The report said the score was scaled between 100 and 1000. Passing was 750. You should be able to find your score in that report and see how close you were.

It would have been nice to see a %.  I didn’t pass, but at least it would be reassuring if I knew I was relatively close…


I did not think it was hard but I did not pass and I am wondering where exactly I failed.


Same here. I think I did pretty OK. However, just getting a FAIL without any score is disappointing. Was I close? Was I off the mark by a mile? Oh well. Im glad that I have the coupon code for another attempt

Craig Haft

I failed as well. Is there anyway to see a breakdown on areas that I had problems in so I know what I need to study more before a retest?

Keith McDuffee

Yep, I’m actually a little surprised I failed. Oh well, plenty of time to brush up and take the freebie!


I was able to get a score report under Previous Exams. Not as detailed as I’d liked, but it did provide a total based on scaled question values (relative to 1000).


@clinton did you scroll down? there’s a high level breakdown


@dissonance just noticed the second page too and came back to mention. meets competencies vs needs improvement categories should cover most needs if you’re trying to figure out where to focus your future studies.


i missed the cutoff by 20 points…… so sad


I got 730 – exactly the same with you @Brandon

I unfortunately didn’t pass. I think I got tripped up on IAM json policies.

Another pass, and a thank you to Ryan and team for the crash update of the course material. I sat for the exam on the last day available which allowed as much time as possible to go through the updated course material and also experiment with the topics listed. As with others, I wish there were some scores or indicators, but in the end super happy to have passed the exam.


click on download, scroll down to see breakdown : )

Tom Kringstad

Thanks – you’re looking at the breakdown of how many questions will cover certain topics. However, I do see the score reports are now available in the certification portal. I scored a 762 with a passing score of 750. So, borderline, but I’m pleased to have passed. In the end these are all just temporary markers. This is a continuous journey of learning and application of skills to gain more experience, and that journey has no end.

Steve Rogers

Where are you seeing your score? I passed, but I cannot see any score or breakdown 🙁

Tom Kringstad

Once logged in to your certification account, look under the "Previous Exams" tab.

Ben M

Oh…too much to bear 741/750. SO CLOSE!

++ Pass

I also received notification of passing today. I wish that AWS would have provided more detailed exam results. I like to review my weaker areas and study a bit more after each exam. Note: I tried to upload the certificate to ACG and you web page just hangs.


Same result on uploading the cert. Look under Previous Exams and you can get a score report. Not as granular as the other exams, but it’ll give you a bit more feedback.

John Hanley

Clinton – thank you. I was hoping for more details like the old exams.

John Hanley

Unless I am reading the second page wrong, this just lists the % of the test that the given area represents, and not your individual score. The numbers add up to 100% which matches the exam guide.

Passed! Thank you cloud gurus for the valuable input you provided. I used Ryan’s course, which was awesome, along with some tips from other test takers. I found my score here: https://www.certmetrics.com/amazon/candidate/requirements.aspx

There’s no breakdown, but I think I know the areas that I’m weak in considering the exam is so broad and some of the material is stuff I never faced before. Beyond that, Ryan’s course got me 60% there. The rest is experience, whitepapers, and exam tips.


never mind, I scrolled down and there’s a breakdown. Data Protection was my weakest area, which is not what I expected. /shrug

Vo Sr

thanks for pointing

John Hanley

I think that those numbers are the percentage of the total exam and not individual scores.

Also passed with a score of 883.


I’ve tried uploading my cert to acloud.guru – but it doesn’t recognise it yet … too new !   ; )

Whoohoo! FAILED, 669 out of 1000.  IAM and policy were my only strong area.  From memory I got beaten up on the following:

Pen testing: questions seemed incorrect to me.  Permission to test is always required as a matter of policy.  Using VPC peering makes no difference.

DynamoDb security: I didn’t cover this and I recall at least two questions about it.  lesson learned, there is a DynamoDB question in EVERY certification exam.

RedShift Security: as per DynamoDb.

Kinesis streams: as per DynamoDb.

The course updates were helpful, especially those for incident response.  I’ll save up my voucher until there are some quality practice exams.

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