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New Book launched for AWS Certified Security Specialty certification

There is a new book launched for the security specialty certification. Few of my colleagues have ordered it and said it’s quiet good for exam. I have ordered it, if anyone already has it, a quick review would be helpful.


David Gillette

Yea, and the author Zeal Vora has a Udemy course for AWS Certified Security – Specialty. It’s excellent.

David Blackburn

I like how they provide quizzes too, its unfortunate Acloud didn’t do this with the Security Could.

1 Answers

I just received a copy of the book and wanted to share a quick review for those planning to buy one. I have recommended it to my colleagues who are planning to give this certification in upcoming weeks.


All the topics are associated with practical screenshots (how-to).

As of now, all of the exam topics seems covered.

Simple explanation and many real world scenarios.


There are certain grammar and spelling mistakes in certain topics. .

Srihari Rao

Also, I think there are a few mistakes. One I could list is Use Case 3 in the book’s final chapter.

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