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New Beta Exam Guide (1/9/2018)

Hello all,

Here is a link to the new AWS Certified Security Specialty (SCS-C01) Exam Guide


Found here:


Hopefully, that saves you some time if you did not get an email from AWS, and are looking for this.


Robert J.

Peng Yan

Has the existing course "Certified Security – Specialty 2018" been updated based on the new Beta Exam Guide? Thanks!


The new beta exam came out 2 days ago ha.. give Ryan a second to make updates


+1 to update


Did anyone else find it interesting that the exam guide in the AWS link is absent of language around compliance and audit?


here are certain topics available in other acg courses that will help for preparing for security beta exam – 2018. It will help if you could provide pointers or urls to those topics. Will cover much of 20% in addition to this course. I am a member and able to access other courses. It could help those who do not have the access to entire course list. Thanks

david dell

Now you can pass your SCS-C01 Exam easily. I also passed this exam with the help of SCS-C01 Exam Study Guide. I had got 80% marks in very short time and my source of preparation was braindumpspdf. https://www.braindumpspdf.com/exam/SCS-C01.html

2 Answers

The ACloudGuru Security Specialty course currently has a broken link attached to the introduction lesson–

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Were now 3 weeks into the Beta. Has anyone taken the new exam? Is there a timeline on updating the course? I am assuming it will be after the beta period.

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