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NAT Gateway – Exam Tips

In the exam tips on NAT Gateway, Ryan says that the NAT Gateway is automatically assigned a public IP address.  

In the course lab and in my experience, the IP address on the NAT Gateway isn’t automatically assigned – when setting it up, you have to select or create an elastic IP that is attached to the NAT Gateway.

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On the contrary, you have no control over what that IP address is going to be – because AWS automatically assigns it to the EIP.  From an exam standpoint, I think Ryan’s main idea is correct – when creating a NAT Gateway, you don’t have to worry about what the Public IP will be, just know that one will be assigned as part of the configuration process.

"But what if I have extra EIP’s lying around, and I like one of those assigned Public IPs, and I decide to use the corresponding EIP when I provision my NAT Gateway?  In that case, aren’t I ‘assigning’ the IP address?"

I don’t see the AWS exam production team publishing a question based on that scenario, because leaving EIPs around un-associated doesn’t follow good cost management principles as you are charged for EIPs that are not attached to a running instance.

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