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Mobile experience?

How is everyone’s mobile experience? Is there a way to take these courses offline? About to travel and was hoping to get some lectures out while on flight

2 Answers

Flying from Melbourne to San Fran tomorrow so on my laptop I have downloaded about 10 lectures by clicking the download icon in the bottom right of the viewer. A little painful but it works.

Saving them for play back on an iphone is a bit harder and might have to involve…itunes but you have prompted me to think about it.

I used to use an app called Air Video HD to convert videos to watch on an iphone. It runs a server on your Windows/Mac box and you drive video conversions and watch from the app on your phone. Yes it support downloads to your phone too.

So I installed the latest version of the service from www.inmethod.com, pointed it to where I downloaded the course videos, slide and select download, and there they are sitting on my phone. Too easy.

I’ve got nothing to do with this product, but happy to plug something that works so well.

Thanks David!  I have my security test on Tuesday and was hoping to get some study time during my travel this last week but hit too many circus tricks with the cloud guru mobile experience.   I’ll take a look at your approach.. sounds like you have a nifty way of thinking…very cool!

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