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KMS is now it’s own service. No longer under IAM.

KMS is no longer under IAM it is now it’s own service.

3 Answers

Thanks for pointing this out. I just logged into the console and see that Key Management service is now under the "Security, Identity & Compliance" heading.

You’re right, it is. This is part of the UI updates where KMS has been split from being a part of IAM into being a full service of it’s own, especially since CloudHSM is now its own thing too. We’ll be looking at updating our videos to cover the new UI changes also. Thanks for letting us know!

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Please update the video. Found a lot of content to be stale. Question does the current exam ask where it is and does the current exam say it’s under IAM?

[ACG] Stephen Sennett

You’d be extremely unlikely to get a question on where KMS exists in the AWS Console. Exams, especially at the Specialty and Professional levels are focused on assessing your understanding of the underlying concepts and execution of the solutions. Fundamentally, KMS works just the same.

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