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KMS FIPS140-2 Compliance

The course states that for FIPS140-2 compliance, you need Cloud HSM, is not a correct statement. KMS is also FIPS140-2 compliant, but it is at level2 whereas CloudHSM is at Level3. Can you please have it checked.

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AWS KMS HSMs are validated at level 2 overall and at level 3 in the following areas:

Cryptographic Module Specification

Roles, Services, and Authentication

Physical Security

Design Assurance

You can also make AWS KMS requests to API endpoints that terminate TLS sessions using a FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic software module. To do so, connect to the unique FIPS 140-2 validated HTTPS endpoints in the AWS KMS requests made from your applications. AWS KMS FIPS 140-2 validated HTTPS endpoints are powered by the OpenSSL FIPS Object Module. FIPS 140-2 validated API endpoints are available in all commercial regions where AWS KMS is available.

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