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I’ve just booked my Security Specialist exam – any practice questions around?

I’ve just booked my Security Specialist exam and I’m using the Acloud Guru course (as well as covering all of this in my day to day job). Those that passed, what exam questions have you used to test your readiness? I’ve found some examples on UDEMY, but not much else.


Whizlabs has 3 practice exams – 65 questions each which are pretty helpful. They may not mirror the type of questions you will be faced with, but some of the questions they did use are directly from the AWS Security Speciality practice exam. They are also rather helpful in testing your knowledge. Worth the $30!


As a follow up – I took the exam recently and passed! I thought the Whizlabs questions were extremely helpful and some of the questions and scenarios mirrored very closely to the questions I saw on the exam. I would recommend Whizlabs for everyone who is looking to take this exam

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