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Is someone from acloud.guru team monitoring this security course forum ??

We have been requesting an update from acloud team on progress of updating the videos as mentioned by Ryan which was suppose to happen by Jan end. Its a humble request to provide us student community with an update on progress made and tentative timelines of updating the current course.


Updates from RK greatly appreciated as the exam dates last only for another month!

4 Answers

Hi Everyone,

Last week I was completing some urgent post re:invent updates across some other courses. I had scheduled to start updating this course for this week, however I ended up in hospital with acute tonsillitis. Recording when you have tonsillitis is not fun at all. I’ve been told to take a few days off next week to fully recover. After that I’ll be all over the security course. As it stands right now there are a few gaps, the main gap being able to interpret JSON policies in IAM/S3 Bucket Policies/S3 Object Policies. Currently the course does not cover this in much detail and this knowledge is pretty important. If you are comfortable doing that and you have watched this course then you should be able to pass on the first attempt. Please bear in mind you will not get your exam results for another 12 weeks after sitting the exam, because it is still in beta!

In terms of updates, this course will be complete by the 3rd of March at the very latest. Most of the updates will occur between the 12th – 23rd of February. Hopefully that makes things clear. I would have love to have done this sooner, but I was not expecting to get this sick! 🙂


get well soon Ryan. everyone check out this in the meantime for a good AWS IAM Policy review https://youtu.be/aISWoPf_XNE


Get well soon. Thanks for the update, Ryan.


Get well soon. Will try to make some time to post threads on these topics in the forum as I review. Hopefully some of the other folks with more experience in these topics will do the same.


For those who are concerned about the timeline, remember that you do get a free retake if you do not passed. That said, if you don’t feel like you can fill in the gaps based on notes given by Ryan and others in the forums, I would advise waiting until after the beta. When it comes to security, a certification without the experience to back it can do more harm than good. It’s not enough to study to these exams. You need to be able to work at some depth in the majority of these topics before you present these skills to employers or clients.


Thanks Ryan, get well soon and take care. Only request I would have is please upload the videos as soon as you are done recording. Please dont wait to upload the videos all at once.


Rest and get well soon!

Jins R Abraham

thanks Ryan . get well soon

Anthony Esdaile

How about putting some effort into a real cloud security course that actually pertains to the aws exam rather than regurgitated associate teachings


@Ryan wish you euough, speedy recovery!



@Clinton- thanks for preaching mate, btw it’s business, I pay for a service and demand it, if ACG do not have Ryan’s backup and they assume he will take care of everything then that’s a bad business approach, is there anyone disagree with this pragmatic approach at ACG? And why would I waste my time in first attemp if I am not prepared for the exam? How many of the ACG users you believe are passing exams without enough experience, mate? Passing exam is different than working in the field, for your info I have AWS 5/5 AWS and both Azure certs, in total of 22 certs in my credit with 4 patents in cloud computing. Btw what’s your role and who are you to preach here, mate? I have paid for my course and I have all rights to demand value for… don’t bother responding, I would embarrass you for sure 😜… Take care Ryan, ACG need better Business BCP in place to operate you are not expected to do everything.

Maureen Chew

While I share i the collective frustration for hoping for a course update before the beta exam period ends, I completely disagree that ACG has poor biz practices. For all your certs and patents, congratulations. Extremely impressive. I respect your disappointments and expectations. But emoticon or not, your statement: "…I have … 5/5 AWS and …, in total of 22 certs .. with 4 patents… what’s your role and who are you to preach … don’t bother responding, I would embarrass you for sure" comes across as you presenting your accomplishments as a justification which entitles you to a platform to embarrass someone trying to help. Its rhetoric that’s a discredit to your fantastic accomplishments. I’ve picked up several certs all from classes that Ryan has taught. I’ve taken other ACG classes and those instructors were very good but its not a simple matter solved by an auto scaling group. I appreciate Ryan’s style, approach and transparency of his intentions. It would likely take another SME twice as long to pick up and get something into "Ryan normal form" but I find that there are nuances in his teaching methodology that i find extremely valuable. In reading the ACG forums, its stunning to me that there are pervasive unrealistic expectations that these classes will hit every question and fill every knowledge gap. People actually blame Ryan/ACG for their not passing the test. Being a teacher is often thankless – where there are certainly plenty of terrible ones out there, the good ones are driven away by unrelenting negative forces that only serve to extinguish passions for enabling learning in others.


Nice one Maureen. I don’t think most people realize just how hard Ryan works to make the course fun and educational.


Well said Maureen.


MoMi for all of your ‘alleged accomplishments; you have the social skills of a baboon!

Alec Whitehouse

Time to chill on this matter. I am using three different courses to get ready for this exam and NONE of them cover all the subject matter for the questions. There is absolutely no shortcut to this exam other than a lot of exposure from different courses AND reading the AWS white papers and FAQs exhaustively.


@MOMI – the only person you’ve embarrassed is yourself.

MoMi if you don’t like how business is done then go somewhere else. For someone who has all this experience you sure are really dependent on one 10 hour class


I’ll will, now just shut up and mind your business, I don’t business with you and did not solicit your advise, my dealing is with ACG and I am free to express my views with them, you and others are wasting your time by offering unsolicited advise, go and do something productive.


MoMi you made this everyone’s business by posting up a rather antagonistic post criticizing ACG on a members forum. I would suggest keeping it respectful as we are all keen to learn and don’t take kindly to keyboard aggression when its completely unnecessary. You may be certified up to your eyebrows but the arrogance is nauseating. Calm it down, show some restraint and be patient. Good luck with the beta if you decide to go ahead.

Nice solve after some times

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