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Inspector Agent process no longer matches video

Amazon appears to have streamlined this process.  I couldn’t find the screens to tag systems and the general flow of the wizard does not reflect what is seen in the video.  Also, network scanning is now an option from the start.  Any idea when this will be updated?


I have been nudging ACG in almost every course to change their update process for all courses. First all courses need to be reviewed/updated at least 2 a year. AWS makes updates often enough to support the need for regular updates. Second, I would like to see the date of each lecture noted in the course outline. They can use the same space where they currently note lecture updates and how long ago it was updated.


Woops. The second sentence should end with "at least 2x a year"

2 Answers

I’m waiting as well

Hi Adam and Lonnie!

They have made the Inspector console a lot simpler! If you select Advanced Setup when you first launch Inspector, deselect the check box next to All Instances and that will allow you to select which instance you want to run Inspector against using tags. 

Or alternatively you can run it against all of the instances in your region if you want to.

It should be pretty easy to navigate, but we’ll get the video updated! 

As I’m sure you’re aware, things constantly change in AWS  with services changing, new services appearing as well as console updates!

Thanks for the heads up


Faye Ellis

PS: you can tag your instances by going into Services -> EC2 -> Tags (On the left hand side of the EC2 dashboard)

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