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I took the Security Specialty beta exam Yesterday

I took the exam yesterday and it is a much better version than the previous beta. The questions are short and focused. You will have more than enough time to complete the 70 questions in 3 hours. I did mine in 2 1/2 hours and I was going fairly slowly. The course covers all of the areas (no HSM questions). 2/3 of the questions were on Cloudtrail/Cloudwatch/Config/SSM, KMS, IAM, S3, lost/compromised keys, compromised instance, and root activity. The other third covered mostly pen testing, ALB/ELB, VPC, WAF, Cloudfront, DDos, Inspector. The only complaint I would have is that it felt like I was taking a logging troubleshooting exam as there so many questions. I would read carefully the Cloudtrail/Cloudwatch/Config/SSM documentation.


Thanks Andre for the feedback. Really helpful.

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