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How to upload a certificate to IAM?

If you are wondering how you can upload a certificate to IAM or where to go in the console in order to see or upload SSL Certs the answer is that this is done via the command line.

Here is a link to the process on how to do this: https://aws.amazon.com/premiumsupport/knowledge-center/import-ssl-certificate-to-iam/

1 Answers

Good share.

You can also do it in the console under EC2,  

on the left under Key pairs.

Then top right Actions / Import Key pairs.


Kirk Rohani

Thanks @GroundControl. You may be correct but in posted this in response to the lecture video and potential test question which asks where are the two places in AWS where you can store SSL/TLS Certificates, not Access Key Pairs. Unfortunately I’m not aware of how to store SSL/TLS Certs where the EC2 KPs are uploaded. If you are sure about this then would you mind sharing a link from AWS showing this please?

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