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How to pass AWS Security Speciality Certification in 2020?

Has anyone recently completed AWS Security specialty certification ? Could you please share your experience (like how did you prepare for the exam?)

4 Answers

Hey, did you find anyone who has recently given this exam and can share their experience?

I’m taking mine on 9/11 in a few weeks. I’ll try to remember to post what it’s like.

I just failed it today, waiting on my score report.  The way they ask the question confuse the heck out of me.  I’ve passed 3 other AWS exams on the first try.


Oh! Which ones have you already passed? It is possible that the questions in Specialty exam are worded in confusing language when compared with Associate level? I am sitting for mine in a day, any advice would be really helpful.

Sorry to hear that! Do you mind sharing what topics were asked in the exam?

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