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How to handle EC2/PortProbeUnprotectedPort on 443?

We are observing multiple findings "EC2 instance has an unprotected port which is being probed by a known malicious host on port 80/443" on a instance hosted for application server.

Need to have this port open to public as it is an application server. How to remediate this issue? Please help.

1 Answers

You can add a rule to the Network ACL (NACL) to deny traffic from that specific host.

Krish the knight

Thanks Peter for swift reponse. We are doing that. But the findings are in hundreds. Any way to automate?

Krish the knight

I know that we can do it using Lamda. But i am not much into coding. Any Templates from AWS or others like Redshift Utils for maintenance?


I am not aware of any. Not knowing much about your application, but AWS Shield may be of interest to you?

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