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How Many People Have Passed the Exam/Career Prospects?

Does anyone know approximately how many people worldwide have passed the security exam as of December 2020? Have any of you leveraged this exam to move into another position? If so, what job? 

While I am enjoying learning the new topics, I am learning the information primarily for career advancement/change. I would like to move into a cloud security design role that leads to a cloud security architect role. Developing an understanding on if/how passing the AWS Security exam may make me stand out would be very helpful.

Background. From 1997 to 2016, I worked as a server/data networking/security networking engineer. I did not work in a cloud environment. As of late 2016, I got tired of calls at 2AM and decided to take a third party risk job. I find the current job not nearly technical enough and want to go back into something technical that involves no support responsibilities.


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I passed the Security exam a few months ago. We’re using AWS heavily at work so I was able to throw out a lot of security suggestions on our various systems/applications (e.g. AWS WAF + GuardDuty to consolidate security rules on our multiple AWS accounts). In a way, it helped on my performance review. I’m also getting emails from recruiters for Security / Lead roles due to my certs, seems like this cert is really on demand in the industry

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