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how can i logon to linux academy after merge?

how can i logon to linux academy after merge?


pushing this up

1 Answers

Hi, thanks for your question, there’s an FAQ here with loads of information about what is going to happen.


To answer your question:

What is changing now?

Nothing. Both companies will continue to operate as normal while we work to bring the companies and offerings together. If you have a subscription to either service, you’ll continue to have access to the same great training content, and we will continue updating and building content for both companies.

When will you launch a combined platform?

We have very ambitious internal deadlines, because we know that launching a platform that has BOTH A Cloud Guru and Linux Academy combined will be a great win for our customers. We aren’t publicizing timeframes at this point because there is still a lot to work out, and I’d hate to disappoint customers by either moving a deadline, or launching without a platform that we are 100% proud of. But let me assure you, we are moving fast.



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