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Has anyone taken the AWS Security exam?

I was wondering if the Specialty AWS Security exam is worth taking and if employers deem it valuable?

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Knowledge of AWS security will definitely help if you are working in any industry where security is important. Which is probably most industries to be honest. 

Before working at ACG, I was an infrastructure architect and had many roles which involved designing IT infrastructure for various financial services clients, where of course security is a big priority. Those kind of roles definitely expect you to have a good understanding of security best practices so that you can design secure infrastructure and advise on the options available for securing data and systems in the cloud. 

Personally after adding the Security Specialty Cert to my LinkedIn profile, I received a lot of messages about security related roles, so in that respect I do think it is a highly sought after qualification and it’s definitely a differentiator in the market because while a lot of people have the Solutions Architect Associate cert, not very many people have achieved the Security Specialty. 

hope that helps!


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