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Half of a lecture?

I feel like this is only half of a lecture and it’s not up to your usual quality

For example:

  • integration of AWS WAF with Lambda to automate security issues (perhaps one of the biggest benefit of AWS WAF)

  • Ability to purchase rulesets from vendors such as F5

  • you didn’t mention what resources would be deployed when talking about deploying the CF stack

  • you didn’t demonstrate the architecture when implementing WAF

  • you’ve not mentioned whether TLS termination is possible

Yashar Araghi

agree…i think this lecture needs to be revised. Starting from 11′:20" it repeats the previous part until 13′:34". Also, we can figure out that for this example one needs to create their own CloudFront distribution (with an S3 bucket as the origin) and the CloudFormation template just provisions the WebACL; but it’s unlikely of Ryan no to briefly mention that

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