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It is important for the exam, I did the exam and I got 7 questions about if

Ahmad Alsheikhali

Hello; I did the AWS security exam today, and pass from the first attempt 🙂 thanks acloudguru. GuardDuty is very important and i think you should explain it in very deep since the question where very deep and really complicated questions. one more thing is Organization and how to work with AIM, S3, GuardDuty and other services

2 Answers

Thank you for your feedback, it there anything else you found on the exam that is not covered in this course ? I would like also more feedback about other services and how you found the exam in general ?

Honestly, all are covered but Organization, GuardDuty is not covered well, Organization must include how to enable and disable services and how must AssumeRole between both accounts etc…  GuardDuty i had a question if i can filter based on IP or block IP and traffic, also I had 6 questions about IAM JSON to pick up the correct JSON, also i had 4 questions about the combination between multi-services for the best solution.

But in general, the course is amazing and i passed from first attempt 🙂

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