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Grant Bucket Owner Ownership of S3 object

Does anyone else believe that the management console should provide a user with cross-account access to the S3 bucket a check-box option to grant ownership of an uploaded object to the bucket owner? I know that this could be scripted in a visual client that a company may code to leverage S3 API calls, but it seems such a basic requirement that AWS should support it out of the box, in my opinion, and having to do this with the CLI seems very cumbersome and impractical.

Edit: on further consideration, it looks like role assumption would be the preferred way around this limitation.

1 Answers

There are so many "basic requirements" that AWS teams seem to leave out of their respective UIs, that I’ve given up whining about them.

But now that I’ve started…

Hey ElasticBeanstalk team!  ASGs have supported ELB based health checks for…like…ever, and making spot requests is actually a really great thing.  Make it happen.

Rant complete.

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