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Good Practice Tests?

How useful are the Whizlab practice tests? Are there any other sources for good questions or practice tests?

Vincent Garcia

I found very useful. If I didn’t di them. I would not have passed

2 Answers

The Whizzlab tests appear to be based on the AWS Practice tests which were aligned for the beta version. 

I have been scoring over 90% on Whizlabs but so have many others in this forum, those that have taken the actual exam are feeding back they scored very high on Whizzlabs but there were far too many AWS Services not covered by Whizzlab tests. 

Bottom line is, treat as a milestone you need to achieve but not an indicator that you are ready for the AWS Security exam itself.


I agree with this. I was getting 85-95% on whizzlabs. Failed the real thing.


Also – whizzlabs grammar and wording is so bad sometimes that it is hard for you to learn what is right in some cases.


I have been using Whizlabs for all my certifications just to measure how much I have studied. Don’t use whizlabs as expecting same questions, Use it to fill the gaps because sometimes their answers provide links which you can read for yourself to under why an answer was right. In addition the more practice you have, the better you are prepared mentally for the journey ahead. I suspect the reason why the security exams is becoming difficult is that AWS seem to have loaded lots of questions so we are all not likely to receive similar quantity of questions.

Vincent Garcia

Use whirlabs to supplement. There were some gaps. Test was heavy on kms. Read the faqs and blogs. Also was heavy on AD implementation and troublshooting scenarios.

I agree on the whizzlab/. Udemy tests. they are a good mechanism for practice, they do match the AWS security practice exam. BUT they only cover around 50-60% of the topics and question format asked in the main exam. First run through on Whizlab question I was getting 75% ish… after more prep., I go that up to 95%. 90% in the AWS practice exam.  I passed, today, BUT i dont think i will be near that in the main exam result.

You will need more focus on AWS Organisations, WAF CloudFront ALB and Certificate Manager. Forensic Investigation setup. S3 and IAM policies worked example and how to FIX. Database security, System Manager capabilities. VPC peering, Bastion hosts and penetration testing.

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