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Getting the exact opposite results

When I set an object to Public Read only in a non-public bucket I end up getting the exact opposite result that Ryan gets in the video. When I click an object’s URL in the Overview tab I get  an error stating "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it." When the instructor clicked it he got a successful outcome. However, when I clicked the Open button in the object’s Overview tab, I get a successful outcome while the instructor does not. What is going on? Help!

Aigars Naglis

I just deleted a comment where I said that I got the same problem and that vid might be not up to date. Then I did some comparing vid vs my console and spotted that when Ryan start the lab part of the vid and goes to delete the bucket policy…there is no warning "The block public access settings turned on for this bucket prevent granting public access." This means that Ryans bucket has that "Block all public access" unchecked. This not shown in the video or the previous video. So its all ok.

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