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Gateway Load Balancers

In the Application Load Balancers & Custom VPCs Ryan shows only 3 load balancers on his AWS console, however now there is a 4th load balancer option for Gateway Load Balancer. 

Based on the description it seems GWLB are an important improvement for security vendors/3rd party tools, has anyone come across a vendor that took advantage of this? How was the overall experience?

In terms of the security specialty exam, anyone experience GWLB coming up?

1 Answers

Further to Nabil’s post above, it should be noted that (as at the time of this message, 02-02-2021) the Gateway Load Balancer is not available in all regions.

For example, as expected it is available in us-east-1 (N. Virginia), but simply does not appear on the "Select load balancer type" page in eu-west-2 (London). However, it does appear in eu-west-1 (Ireland).

Hope this helps 🙂

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