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Free Practice exam and sample questions

Hi All, 

If you’re getting ready to take the Security Specialty exam soon, here’s a free to use practice exam, with 24 questions, including answers and explanations!


I also discovered yesterday some videos of the Certification Quiz Show held at this year’s Sydney Summit – they go through a few sample questions and give good explanations:




Good luck everyone!



Hey Faye, they are not very good if you look at the some of the exams which i have posted here : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Pa9q8IqOgNMXfGcBH7jBRDMrRlcX-aqt?usp=sharing


You will see that they are flawed questions.. they do not contain the correct answer or one even says " Options A and B are incorrect, then it marks B as correct ? lol how is that even possible.

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