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[Exam Simulator] Is it possible to have access to all of the existing questions?

Hello ACG team, my question is direct to you. 

I have been doing some exams on the new Exam Simulator (which btw is awesome) and I noticed that the question differ every time (or at least a percentage). I would like to be able to run thru all the existing question to evaluate all my weaknesses instead of doing multiple trials to get a few different questions.

In the suggested way, it would be possible for me to validate that I was testes against most scenarios and all the services that entail a question (maybe you have a question on Redshift security or Quicksight but until now I was not lucky enough to run into it).

Would be that possible?

Cheers and thank you for the great content.

1 Answers

Hello Carlos,

Sorry but we will have to say no to that request.

The intent of the ExamSim questions are as a final check for students that they both have the knowledge and that they can deliver that knowledge in an exam like situation. Providing the questions for pre-study would defeat that.

I know that some student like to use questions as a form of learning. I understand that and know from personal experience how attractive the idea is when you are nearing the end and have a mild panic on. However I coach you that if you are doing more that a few question that it is a poor technique.

You are much better to invest your time in practicing the labs and building on them to make them more complex or real-world like, more reading, and of course the white-papers where many of the exam questions are drawn from.

Also check out the section on exam answering technique. It can be the difference between a failure and a solid pass.

Sorry that we cannot meet your request on this.


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