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exam not available

I can’t find AWS Security Specialist and AWS Network Specialist Exams in KRYTERION. Only Big Data is available.

8 Answers

The exams are  currently still in Beta. AWS is not publishing a targeted date.  It will become available in the next couple of months.

Gana Pemmanda

I am not able to find the BETA exams on KRYTERION other than Big Data. Have they removed the Security & Advanced Networking BETA Exams?

Gana Pemmanda

Actually even Big Data – was only available till 2/3

Any idea if this exam will be available in BETA again or they will be available as real exam?

Rick Triana

It is currently available now (today’s date 02/11/18) through 03/02/18 as the new BETA

Hi Team, I am not seeing Beta or the actual version of AWS security specialty exam. Any idea when this will be available?

Rick Triana

It is currently available now (today’s date 02/11/18) through 03/02/18 as the new BETA

The exam was effectively canceled. A reworked Beta is coming in Q1. This information came directly from our AWS TAM (Technical Account Manager). I’ll quote his answer when I inquired; "The team is working on rebuilding the exam and will re-introduce it with a new beta by 1Q18."

We are hoping that it will be released soon. 
All indications from AWS are that they still intent to have this certification, so fingers crossed that it happens early 2018


So probably 2018 Q1?

I’ve just been invited by AWS, to take the AWS Certified Security – Specialty beta exam.  The beta exam is only available from 1/15/18 through 3/2/18.  Based on that, the full release for the exam should be in the second quarter of this year.  Guessing here but I would think April.

The new version of the exam is currently in beta.  https://aws.amazon.com/certification/beta-exam/

Registration opens: January 9, 2018

First exam delivery: January 15, 2018

Last exam delivery: March 2, 2018

hopefully it will go into production a couple months after the beta closes

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